Paul Barada, Jr

Paul W. Barada, Jr. was born October 4, 1971, and grew up in Rushville, Indiana. Barada is a 1997 graduate of the Indiana University School of Law and a 1994 graduate of the Indiana University School of Business.

Following law school, Barada returned to his hometown of Rushville and began his career at Clarkson Law Offices in October of 1997. In 1998, Barada ran on the Republican ticket for the office of Prosecuting Attorney. He was successful, making him the youngest elected prosecutor in the State of Indiana at the time. Barada served the first few years of his term on a part-time basis, which in addition to his private practice, allowed him to serve as attorney for the City of Rushville advising the Mayor, the City Council and various other boards in the city. Barada elected full-time status in 2002 to focus all of his energies on prosecuting. Barada served as prosecutor for three terms until the end of 2010, choosing not to seek re-election in favor of private practice. During his tenure at the prosecutor's office, Barada handled virtually every type of major felony including murder, rape, arson, burglary, theft, drug dealing and manufacture and child molestation.

During his time as prosecuting attorney, Barada spearheaded many initiatives including Rush County's Out of School Suspension Program, Rush County's Sexual Assault Response Team and Protocol and Rush County's Major Crime Investigation Team. As a part of his duties, Barada oversaw the operation of the Title IV-D child support division of the Rush County Prosecutor's Office. Barada tripled collections in his first four years in office.

In the community, Barada founded Rush County Victim's Assistance, Inc. (RCVA), a non-profit organization geared towards serving victims of domestic violence in Rush County. Rush County's first domestic violence shelter, Phoenix House, was dedicated in October of 2010. Barada has also served on many boards including Rush County Habitat for Humanity. He was the President of the Rushville Rotary Club in 2003 and served 12 years as the treasurer of the Rush County Republican Party.

Barada served as an adjunct professor at the Indiana University-Bloomington School of Public and Environmental Affairs during the fall semester of 2010.

Barada and his wife Kristen have three boys, Heath, Sam and Quinn. They attend St. Mary's Catholic Church in Rushville.